Enabling remote work

Even before Covid-19, our network designs have employed modern and secure SSL and IPsec VPN connections. These technologies allow remote workers to connect into the company network from anywhere with an internet connection. Latest-generation encryption and authentication protect the client’s data even when the system is used in an insecure network such as a public Wi-Fi spot. We support VPN connections for many network architectures with some clients having servers at their offices, others using a cloud-based approach or hybrid designs.

As a newer alternative to VPNs, we have begun deploying zero-trust networks using virtual desktop infrastructure. Remote workers can use any private PC and establish an encrypted connection to a virtual computer in the cloud. Their identity is verified using an identity provider linked to the corporate directory, an authenticator app and a private certificate for a three-factor secure authentication. The private PC never interacts with the corporate network directly while the virtual PC is configured in line with company IT security policies.


In an age of ever increasing cyberattacks, we believe that companies require defensive capabilities at all perimeters. Whether at the edge, inside the network, in the cloud or on endpoints: Trust no one, protect and encrypt everything.

We have helped clients define and implement an IT security policy that serves as the basis for a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy. We thereby ensure that best practices are followed, permissions are granted on a least-privilege basis only and up-to-date firewalls as well as endpoint security systems are in place. On top of that, creating a public key infrastructure manages trust and encryption within the organization. Company computers are authorized by certificates – no more insecure wireless passwords that need to be renewed, can be forgotten or given out to unauthorized parties.

Network and Cloud Architecture

We design reliable and secure networks for businesses within and outside of Japan. From cost-effective solutions for small businesses to enterprise-grade infrastructure, we support traditional on-site routing and switching as well as modern cloud environments.

Most of our clients use a hybrid cloud approach with some resources on-premises that is connected to one or multiple cloud providers. We have also supported several migrations into the cloud both for specific services only (such as email, backups) as well as migrating entire internal networks.

Proper cloud architecture means finding the right balance between managed services that the cloud provider offers and managing our own servers in the cloud. Leveraging the infrastructure and experience of a global cloud provider can generate significant security and cost benefits for the client while a self-made solution within the cloud allows more control and flexibility.


Whether you need a new website or would like to make your existing design mobile-friendly, we write code for responsive web designs, animations and more. Our capabilities extend to creating custom applications as well as integrating existing solutions through the use of APIs.


We are looking forward to becoming your professional and reliable partner in IT. Do you have a problem that needs solving or would you like to learn more about our services? Contact us here.