We write code for websites in HTML/CSS/JS/PHP and support both static deployments and programming for content management systems. Employing a mobile-first approach, we ensure that the websites are always displayed correctly on all devices. We also help creating mobile-friendly versions of existing websites. If a brand-new design is required, we work together with several agencies in Japan and Europe.

Several options for hosting are available to our clients. Websites can be hosted with content management systems on servers that we maintain. This allows clients to edit the contents on their own. We also support serverless hosting of static websites which can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of common hosting solutions. This approach is geared towards small businesses who do not require frequent updates to their website. In both cases, we employ a global content delivery network for reliable and fast page loading times independent of location.


Our coding services include programming custom applications and improving the capabilities of existing systems. We have supported clients maintaining and extending web-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems, productivity tools such as task management and e-commerce applications.

Since it is often more cost-effective to use existing solutions than reinventing the wheel, we also interconnect systems and automate their interaction. For example, some of the data that the client is managing in their CRM can be automatically pushed to their website to keep public information consistent and up to date with no additional work necessary. When there is a new order in an e-commerce application, it can be extended to automatically add the buyer’s information to the CRM again lowering cost and the potential for human error.

Integrations with APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (API) allow us to interact with services through code. This opens a vast range of opportunities for automation and customization of products already in-use. Many cloud-based services that we use every day (like Slack, Facebook) offer APIs and often the sky is the limit when it comes to the ways we can utilize them.

For example, a client using a web accounting software required a custom computation of their data that was not provided by the vendor. However, using the vendor’s API, we could not only enable the client to gain this functionality but also automate part of their workflow. One click can now execute a sequence of recurring tasks that required a dozen clicks before.

In another case, we sent encrypted sensor data to the API of a cloud-based messaging system. A remote monitoring tool requests the data from the same API. Both the sensors and the monitoring are secured behind firewalls and not accessible from the internet. They only communicate indirectly via the messaging system that functions as a message broker. In case of a sensor detecting a problem, the monitoring system can notify staff via email and send an error message to a Slack channel using their API.

Networking and Cloud

In an age of increasing cyberattacks, we ensure that your network is secure, reliable and ready for remote work. We guide your cloud transformation to create a modern, highly available and secure infrastructure at a lower and more predictable cost.


We are looking forward to becoming your professional and reliable partner in IT. Do you have a problem that needs solving or would you like to learn more about our services? Contact us here.