Portislander Systems (PI SYS) offers professional IT services for businesses in Japan. We focus on networking, cloud infrastructure and programming. Helping our clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern technology, we create secure IT environments, serve as a partner for their transformation into the cloud, create and host websites and enhance their productivity through the coding of custom applications.

For our start-up and SMB clients, we provide comprehensive IT support in three languages (English, Japanese & German). For our enterprise clients, we act as a local partner and intermediary between headquarters and regional branches as well as between cultures and languages. Often enough, the hardest problems can be overcome quickly if someone speaks the local languages and also speaks IT.

Our IT consultant Chris currently holds the following certifications: Cisco CCNP Enterprise and AWS Cloud Solutions Architect.

Networking and Cloud

In an age of increasing cyberattacks, we ensure that your network is secure, reliable and ready for remote work. We guide your cloud transformation to create a modern, highly available and secure infrastructure at a lower and more predictable cost.


Whether you need a new website or would like to make your existing design mobile-friendly, we write code for responsive web designs, animations and more. Our capabilities extend to creating custom applications as well as integrating existing solutions through the use of APIs.


We are looking forward to becoming your professional and reliable partner in IT. Do you have a problem that needs solving or would you like to learn more about our services? Contact us here.